The A 1 lets your high-end headphones unleash their full performance reserves and gives them independence from the sound and volume influences of other devices in the audio system. The A 1 is specially harmonised to the needs of audiophile-quality headphones from 32 to 600 Ohms and stands out for top precision and famous ‘made in Germany’ craftsmanship. The generously dimensioned power adaptor with a toroidal core transformer ensures powerful deep bass reproduction no matter what the situation. The ultra-linear frequency response of up to 100 kHz makes the A 1 especially suitable for the reproduction of high-definition media like SACD and other HD audio sources. On the inside, the A 1 is hand-built from discrete electronic components. The front panel and volume control are produced from solid aluminium, with an ALPS precision potentiometer used to control volume. The A 1 has two separate inputs, with silent push buttons for switching between them. Input 1 features additional output jacks for problem-free integration of the A 1 into existing signal channels. replique montre de luxe | Replique Montre | Montre Replique

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