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To put it simply, The Anaconda system represents the complete extension of technology and performance. As the cost of reference cables continues to spiral out of control, Shunyata made certain the Anaconda signal cables would be affordable within the context of any reference-quality system. The Anaconda models are critically heralded as perhaps the finest performing signal cables regardless of price (see TAS Editor Robert Harley\'s February 2012 review) and come with objective square-wave measurements that support these assertions. Certainly, Anaconda models are not inexpensive, however, Shunyata has intentionally held the PowerSnakes Signal Cables prices down to reflect only the real costs of the material, research and labor involved in producing reference-quality US manufactured cable products. Shunyata\'s hope is that the Anaconda starts a trend that brings the focus of cable design away from aesthetic add-ons and back to what actually matters: measurable science and technologies that improve the performance of the world\'s finest electronics and speaker systems. Application Suggestions Be aware that due to the strength of the circuit\'s performance, whenever possible the Anaconda interconnects and speaker cables should be evaluated as a an intact system. Barring the possibility of a full system trial, the Anaconda speaker cables represent the cable system\'s core component because of their heavy gauge and the greater strength of signal that passes through the amp to speaker connection. Completing any entire system refines the signal path and confers a performance impact that will be one of the most profound system upgrades you will have experienced. Don\'t be fooled by the Anaconda\'s lack of a five or six-figure price tag, they are competitive with ANY cost-no-object cable system and are perfectly at home in systems that have no expense constraints. The Anaconda model interconnects are not shielded for performance reasons. If there is a noise sensitive application, Shunyata recommends its Python or Cobra models, which are additionally shielded against external noise sources. This will not compromise an otherwise all Anaconda system. It is the circuit\'s performance contribution that conveys the critical performance element. Even a Anaconda speaker cable system with Cobra interconnects will deliver state-of-the-art signal system performance. Shunyata systems should NEVER be judged by their price. Listen and you will know.

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