Etron Phyton Speaker



The Python signal system uses the same CDA 101 copper wire as the Cobra model but adds Shunyata\'s VTX (virtual tube) wire geometry to further extend the Python system\'s performance. There are no grossly inflated retail prices associated with the Python signal system. All associated costs went into perfecting their technology and performance instead of the usual the overwrought packaging and jewelry-like accents that adorn the \"high-end\'s\" most expensive cable systems. The gulf in performance between the Python and any other high-end cable is evident upon evaluation. The reason for this is simple; technology confers dramatic measurable improvement to the performance of each of Shunyata\'s three signal systems, including vanishingly low measured impedance and an almost perfect square-wave response -- unheard of in the world of signal cables. Python systems are not inexpensive or designed for modest or entry-level systems; they are state-of-the-art performance cable systems that are priced to reverse the ongoing trend of inflated retail pricing in the cable industry. As always, all signal cables are hand-crafted by skilled technicians at Shunyata\'s factory in Washington State; not in an overseas mass production facility Application Suggestions Due to their moderate price and exceptional reputation the Python systems have found their way into a diverse array of professional and consumer system contexts. In every case they have performed flawlessly, proving that there is no system dependence or obvious flavor associated with any of the cable systems -- as is common in the cable market. When auditioning the Python models, you should consider evaluating the interconnects and speaker cables as an intact system due to the cumulative performance strength of the circuit. If the system evaluation is impractical, start with the Python speaker cable. Due to the speaker cable\'s heavier gauge and the greater strength of signal, the circuit has its most profound effect. Completing an entire system refines the signal path and confers a performance impact that replique montre will be one of the most profound system upgrades you will have experienced -- at prices far below what has become the norm for state-of-the-art cable systems.

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