Polaris III



The Polaris III is one of the finest tube preamplifier made, regardless of price. This tube preamplifier presents a new level of musical performance, 3D airy sound and construction quality among mid-priced vacuum tube preamps. It combines exceptional design and outstanding engineering, highest quality parts, best selected material and a never ending love for music. The external Polaris III AC~ Regenerator offers stable, regulated and purified AC power regardless of the incoming AC line quality. This power supply provides a lowered noise floor, more liquidity, better spatial three-dimensional imaging, greater focus, richer colours, and decreased glare & haze.

Class of Operation: Pure Class A, Triode-Pentode Tube Complement: C3M, 6H30 Maximum Output (at 1 kHz ): 40V rms S/N ratio: > 96 dB Input Impedance: >1MOhm Output Impedance: 30 Ohm Frequency Response / Line: 0.5Hz - 400kHz Harmonic Distortion (at 1V ) Line: < 0.01% Harmonic Distortion (at 1V ) Phono: < 0.1% Input: 4 x Line RCA, 1 x Line XLR, 1 x Phono MC Output: 2x RCA, 1x XLR , AC~ ReGenerator: max. 300W Frequency: 60Hz Dimensions Pre (WxDxH) cm: 50x43x11 cm replique montre pas cher Dimensions ReGenerator P.S. (WxDxH) cm: 50x43x11 cm Weight (Pre & Power Supply): 39 kg Specifications subject to change without notice

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