Etron Anaconda



The Anaconda model represents Shunyata Research\'s reference for design and measurement. The Anaconda has been tested in and now resides in the world\'s most finely calibrated media, studio and recording systems. Placing even one Anaconda on a key component such as an amplifier, Hydra or source will deliver a component level improvement to any system. The reason for this is the measurable impact technology confers upon square-wave and impedance measurement. The Anaconda dramatically improves peak-current transfer and minimizes distortion between component power supplies and their power source. Within the world\'s finest systems, these state of the art power cords bring out each components true potential. Application Suggestions: Due to the Anaconda\'s top of the product range cost and performance, it must be considered an exclusive product for only the world\'s finest professional, critical and consumer systems. The Anaconda will offer dramatic performance improvements used with literally any system component. Even a single seven-gauge Anaconda placed on a critical source component, amplifier, Hydra or other power distributor will deliver an increase in dynamics, low-level resolution and clarity the likes of which no other power cord or exotic power conditioners can offer.

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