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The Python model incorporates yet another of Shunyata\'s most biao recent innovations, the VTX (hollow-core wire geometry) conductors. The addition of this technology elevates the Python to absolute Reference status despite the fact that it is the middle product in the line. For almost any system no matter how complex, demanding or expensive, the Python will be the ideal power-counterpart due to the technology\'s profound impact on measurable and subjective performance. Based on Shunyata\'s own critical testing and comparison, the Python will outperform any power cord at any price on literally any component. If ever there were a power cord that deserved to be term state-of-the-art when used anywhere in a system, the Python is that product. Application Suggestions: Any true reference power cord model should be flexible, easy to place and capable of making profound audible and visual improvements to recording, film, sound or music systems. The Python does that and more. The most effective use of the Python will be to apply one to a source, amplifier or power distributor. To increase its value, add just one Python to the source, amplifier or power distributor while applying the less expensive Cobra models to the pre-amp or ancillary components for the complete system. Once the signature improvement of any power cord model is realized, adding another effectively enhance the technology\'s effect as it is by its nature, cumulative. The Python possesses massive nine-gauge conductors to make it the perfect match for any high-current amp but also has the noise-isolating capability make it an ideal complement to the world\'s finest source or recording systems. The Python has effectively brought down the cost of state-of-the -art through a scientifically proven technology

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