Venom 3S



The Venom-3s is the ultimate example of Shunyata Research\\\\\\\'s design efforts to create products of incomparable value that also offer replicas de relojes espana reference quality performance. Venom-3s represents an ideal companion to the legendary Venom3 power cord that became the most critically and professionally heralded product of its kind. Due to its exceptionally low price, the Venom-3s makes it possible for virtually all systems to realize the benefits that improved power-system performance can deliver. The Venom-3s (s stands for \\\\\\\"source\\\\\\\") was designed using Shunyata\\\\\\\'s groundbreaking DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) analysis to insure optimal objective performance with all line-level and source components. 100% coverage shielding is applied to the Venom-3s to protect against the strong fields of high-frequency RFI and EMI noise that surround electronics systems. High-quality OFC copper is used for the conductors, which are carefully crimped and soldered at either end of this elegant, lightweight power cord design. Shunyata\\\\\\\'s own clear connector designs are used to create exceptional, secure connections between the wall and components. Every top quality part and material that contributed to the award-winning performance of the critically acclaimed Venom3 was also used to perfect a Venom-3s design that performs optimally with source components, video screens, projectors, pre-amps, digital and all manner of line-level electronics. For high-current demand components, Shunyata\\\\\\\'s Venom3 will be the best choice due to its heavier 12 gauge conductors. Make no mistake, the Venom-3s may be priced inexpensively, but its performance will remove all doubt about its value in getting the best out of any in getting the best out of any audio, video or professional recording system. Like its larger brother, the Venom-3s is destined to set a new performance standard that extends well beyond its incredibly low price.

- 14 gauge OFC Copper conductors - 100% Coverage Shielding for RFI/EMI rejection - Shunyata\\\\\\\'s Audio Grade Connectors - Heavy gauge Brass Contacts omega replicas relojes - Flexible and lightweight!

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