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Philosophy The ideal amplifier is perfectly load stable and 100% level and phase accurate. The soulution 700 is closest of all to this ideal. A monoblock design it is capable of up to 860W of continuous power (into 4Ω) and more than 10,000W of transient power. More than enough to breathe new sonic life into even Replicas IWC Big Pilots the most demanding, low-efficiency loudspeakers. Design To deliver these impressive power levels we have used bridged amplifiers. Optimized mechanical construction ensures both amplifier circuits are perfectly balanced, sharing identical thermal conditions and ideal grounding. When no music is playing an intelligent control system automatically lowers the quiescent current. And when loudspeakers dictate bi-amping, the soulution 700 can be easily switched to this mode. We think of it as tailor-made amplification. Amplifier From the input the soulution 700 first buffers the music signal. A high performance correction amplifier is then used to capture and correct any deviations in the signal, very quickly and very precisely. Ultra wideband amplification using no feedback loops follows, a less than 10 nanosecond transit time and level accuracy to within 0.1dB ensuring signal purity. The whole is housed within a sealed module, maintaining a common temperature across all stages to further guarantee precision. The output stage comprises 14 power transistors per channel (28 per monoblock), all mounted onto a massive copper rail which is temperature controlled for a constant quiescent current. The soulution 700‘s impressive low level signal handling is reflected in its raw power delivery. Current levels of 60A and more are readily attainable. Power supply The soulution 700 power supply comprises two massive 1,000VA toroidal transformers coupled to discrete high-power diodes, all mounted on a copper cooling plate. With a total 250,000µF capacitive energy storage in the power stage the soulution 700 has sufficient reserves to carry the full impulsive nature of the music to the loudspeakers. Circuitry that does not process audio signals should not be able to influence them. That’s why we use no less than 10 dedicated power supplies within each monoblock for the ancillary stages. To suppress mechanical interference from the power supply it is physically isolated on a vibration damped sub­chassis. replika klockor sverige Operation Power, mode and input functions are operated from front panel buttons. Power toggles between on and off states. Mode transfers control of turn-on to an associated 720/721 preamplifier via soulution’s LINK system. Input selects the desired input and mutes the others. Connectors and start-up options The 700 mono amplifier features both unbalanced and balanced inputs. A balanced output can slave the music signal through to other amplifiers. Rear panel switches allow setting of display brightness, start-up options and bridged or bi-amping modes. The LINK system connectors are also located at the rear.

THD vs. Power: The diagram shows the power measurement into an 8Ω load. In contrast to other power amplifiers, distortions remain on a minimal level over the entire power bandwidth. Fast Fourier Transfer (FFT) Measurement for a 1kHz sine signal with 50 watts output power into an 8Ω load. All distortion replicas hublot components are below -115dBr and thus over 550,000 times smaller than the music signal. Noisefloor The noise measurement reveals how much noise the amplifier produces without a music signal. All noise components are below -160dBr, measured against the achievable output signal of the 700 mono amplifier. Typically this value lies between ca. -110 and -120dBr. Hence the 700 mono amplifier has about 100 times less inherent noise than comparable products. Power: Bridged-Mode: 1 × 430 W @ 8 Ω 1 × 860 W @ 4 Ω 1 × 1\'560 W @ 2 Ω Power: Bi-Amping-Mode: 2 × 110 W @ 8 Ω 2 × 220 W @ 4 Ω 2 × 440 W @ 2 Ω Standby: <0.5 W Idle consumption: 180-200 W Output voltage max.: 70 Vrms Output current max: 60 A Peak power rating: ~10\'000 W Sensitivity: 1.55 Vrms Amplification: +32 dB replique montre pas cher Frequency response: DC-2 MHz Slew rate 200 ns Distortion (THD): <0.00058 % Signal-to-Noise ratio: >108 dB Damping factor :> 10\'000 Input impedance: balanced 4.7 kΩ unbalanced kΩ Output impedance: 0.001 Ω

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